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Quality WiFi for
your home or


- Access the internet from almost anywhere -

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"Fast digital
broadband internet nationwide"

High Speed Modems & Data Plans

CAT 18 modem / WiFi 6

300 mbps max download speed 150 mbps max upload speeds

"WiFi for home and business"

- with US customer support -

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About Airwave Internet

Airwave Technologies Inc. provides Airwave Internet Service founded in 2017. We believe in bringing quality technology products and services to the marketplace for residential and commercial customers.

Customer Reviews

Lorenzo D. 

The internet service is outstanding!  I dropped Directv because of Airwave Internet performance. The difference is like night and day

Chris M.

I love the new internet, it is great!

Billy D.

I'm very pleased, the internet connected quickly and now we can stream shows on our TV!!

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